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Green Bainuna is Masters at providing professionals solutions to Mangrove Plantation & Trees Replantation all around the UAE.


Mangrove planting has become hugely popular and an essential part of the coastal ecosystem in UAE.Mangroves are trees or shrubs that are observed in the intertidal region of coastlines, or that region between the coastal surroundings and the terrestrial environment. If you are looking for Mangrove plantation contractors in UAE, then you can trust Greenbainuna with it. Greenbainuna will assist for balancing ecosystem by means of Mangrove plantation. Mangrove grant habitat to many animal species. Mangrove plantation defend the coast from erosion and tidal waves. Mangrove forests are amongst the most productive ecosystems on earth, and serve many vital functions, which include water filtration, prevention of coastal erosion, coastal safety from storms, carbon storage, food, timber, and livelihood provision, and biodiversity protection, amongst others.

mangrove plantation


tree replantation

Tree replantation is the process of the digging and replanting of trees from one location to a new location.Greenbainuna is having expertise of many years in Tree replantation across UAE. We have the experience to transplant the largest of trees or any variant size with atmost care and perfection. We pride ourselves on having pioneered in tree replantation activity in UAE having developed specialist methods and equipment to relocate the largest trees in the world with industry best success rates. Due to the wide extent and morphology of tree root system, replantation of trees usually involves substantial removal of roots. Tree Transplantation and Preservation is a complicated undertaking, requiring very specialized competencies and techniques. We have developed patented equipment and procedures that permit our skilled group of tree movers to design and implement large tree transplanting solutions. By diligently working with our customers, we have been in a position to enhance innovative large tree transplanting solutions for our clients.Green bainuna is the industry leader when it comes to large tree replantation and moving. Contact us today with your large tree transplanting needs and we will be glad to help you complete your vision for your landscape design project


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