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Greenbainuna is the leading fountain contractor. We provide design, manufacture and supply for fountain elements and for superior lighting fixtures and different distinct effects, which presents increased scope for progressive design and flexibility to meet the individual necessities of a site. We make it handy to add a splash of water to your yard. Fountain works are accessible in a range of options, you’re sure to discover one that fits your special style. Fountain rocks create rustic appeal, whilst urns provide an extra elegant feel to your landscape.
A VFD is an adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed by varying motor input voltage and frequency. They are used in applications ranging from small household devices to large industrial machines. A Variable Frequency Drive reduces the speed of a motor to the actual speed required by the device and thereby conserves energy. Along with reducing the speed of the motor, it not only brings down the energy consumption but also reduces the levels of carbon emissions by industrial machines. We will be the best help for you to install electromechanical systems for your industrial works.

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swimming pool contractor

Greenbainuna is an incredibly skilled and expert swimming pool contractors specialising in the design, building and set up of luxurious swimming pools in the UAE. Our group of experts are expertise in designing and installing tremendous swimming pool options for houses nationwide.We make certain that each swimming pool construction is special and uniquely terrific for the people using it. The swimming pools have to be constructed by means of craftsmen, and constructed to last.


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At Green Bainuna we never expect laurels because we are passionate to deliver the maximum customer satisfaction which we have achieved over the past 10 years after all the hard work. We have a variety of client base from all the major industries and till now we have achieved all the success with our uniqueness and flexibility of project management systems regardless of size or nature of the project.

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