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Greenbainuna is always ready to fulfill your concrete work needs. We deliver concrete work construction and repair projects of all sizes, which includes small complicated works in difficult environments via to monolithic foundation works for large-scale projects. Our group is in a position to rapidly mobilise sources to any place throughout UAE. Our experts will assist and inform you through out the concrete work design of your new drive way.
Most concrete jobs require the use of a concrete form, be it above the ground or dug into the ground. The main thing required for a good concrete form is patience and this assures that you make the correct measurements as to obtain the concrete form you need. It is the use of the mix and the form you just created. The form where the concrete is to be poured needs to be watered down. The form is then filled with concrete and the concrete needs to be tamped as to be compact around the edges. When the concrete starts to harden a plank can be used to guide a groover over the contraction joints. We know that this job requires skills and training which our staff is trained with. So let us make your work easy and comfortable.

concrete work


Pavement work

Greenbainuna has significant experience in the construction of pavement works. We provide recommendation on the high-quality and most economical pavement works in UAE. We are one of the experts when it comes to road pavement works and construction. All the works will be carried out and supervised via certified civil engineers who have the expertise and experience pavement work.If you are looking for assurance, sound advice and concrete guarantees from your pavement contractor. We offer you numerous high quality paving design options, from which we can create a block paved design to meet clients requirements.


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At Green Bainuna we never expect laurels because we are passionate to deliver the maximum customer satisfaction which we have achieved over the past 10 years after all the hard work. We have a variety of client base from all the major industries and till now we have achieved all the success with our uniqueness and flexibility of project management systems regardless of size or nature of the project.

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